Lessons Learnt: Becoming A Better You

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We Provide You With Comprehensive Tips And Products On Self-Awareness/Self-Improvement That Will Inspire You And Enhance Your Life

Welcome to my website. If you are looking to live a better life or to take on a challenge, you’ve come to the right place. Inside you will find inspirational and informative blogs and podcasts to help you on your journey to self-awareness. I also include inspirational quotes for self-improvement. My products and services will provide techniques and strategies to assist you. Everything begins in the mind. You have made the decision to change, congratulations, you are half-way to success. The other half is commitment. Commit to your decision and nothing can stop you!

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Overcoming Fear With Faith

Summary Faith builds your confidence. Fear tears it down. To accomplish great achievements you must carry faith with you. As you begin a new venture it can seem overwhelming, almost impossible. To turn it into a reality you will need confidence in yourself and everyone helping you. Everything is possible with faith. In 1969 we…More

Never Give Up

Summary If you’ve decided to do anything significant, at some point you will think about quitting. We have all been there. These thoughts are at their greatest frequency just before you are about to have a breakthrough. All you have to do to be successful is turn the corner or take another step. If you…More

Why Setting Goals Is Important

Summary Who actually writes down goals? Well, the best answer is, successful people. Did you know that 96% of all the wealth created in the world is created by 1% of the population? These are the people that are extremely successful in building businesses and making money. By comparison, I recently heard that only 1%…More

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Scott Walters

My name is Scott Walters and I have made the journey around the sun 60 times. I enjoyed an adventurous life in the military and as a special agent with the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration chasing international narcotics traffickers. Today, I spend my days as a consultant, motivational speaker, blogger, retiree, and student. Fortunately, I still love learning and always will. When you stop learning, you die. Use my inspirational lessons daily to live a better life.

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